Dear Families,

What a splendid summer in so many ways. One of my loveliest memories is a weekend I spent in a small town in Rhode Island. As I looked out the window one morning I saw a band of merry children who looked to be from 2-12 years of age running around with one balloon, one bike, one ball and gales of laughter as they traversed the boundaries of the neighborhood. It turned out it was one of the neighbor’s birthdays. I loved watching the Norman Rockwell-esque moment of normalcy with no electronic apparatus , no bells and whistles and just good old fashioned fun. In this complicated world we live in, it really made me happy. As educators we know that play is so important for child development. It strengthens signals in the brain where executive functioning lies: organization, focus and planning among other skills. It sparks the part of the brain where thinking and language lie and it helps social interaction so children actually know how to interact with one another. Most importantly, all of these skills help children be better students and maybe, just maybe, if they meet with success, they will be happier people. So, play to win!!!!!!

On the other hand, the horrific hurricane in Texas has been a true gut punch. The photos of the devastation and the rescue of the elderly, the young and the animals are especially compelling. I am reminded when I see the out-pouring of compassion, help (JJ Watts raising over 18 million to date) people taking in lost animals and helping to house strangers and the raw compassion that we know when things are at rock bottom, Americans come together and shoulder to shoulder carry on with purpose and strength.

We are looking forward to a wonderful school year, please stop in and say hello. We look forward to meeting all the new families applying to ECNS and sharing with you who we are and why we do what we do.


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Wendy Levey

“40 years…seems like yesterday when I started ECNS in the basement of The Church of the Epiphany with 5 kids. I was the secretary, admissions director, maintenance staff, supply orderer, educational director, teacher and bookkeeper!” Wendy Levey, Head of School